If you're feeling aches and pains or suffering from an injury you can still seek out help. 

Physiotherapist with Equus Physio Keira Forsyth says they've been offering virtual treatments for five years now and have great success with the process. 

"For the last few years we've actually been offering online treatments, so they're virtual. It's very similar to having a Facetime conversation with one of your friends. So what we do is call you up via your computer or your cell phone and we offer virtual treatments."

"It's the exact same as a regular assessment. You go through and tell us exactly what you're having troubles with and it's actually kind of nice that we can see the video of you at home because you could be like 'hey my chair is something that bugs me' and we can see you in your chair and how you're getting up and look for things that we can change."

Forsyth says quite a few of her clients are complaining about being stiff and sore and having back and leg pain.

She says a lot of times their ergonomics at their home office is not as good as what they had in their actual office. 

She recommends doing a few things everyday when you first wake up.

"One thing I really like is to pick four or five little exercises to do right as you're getting out of bed. So one of the best ones for low back pain is actually called pelvic tilt. So if you were pretending to ride a horse or sit on a ball you're going to tilt your pelvis forward and then backwards without having to move your upper body at all."

She also recommends setting a timer for every half hour, so while you're sitting at your desk it reminds you to get up and do some stretching.

Sit up, pull your shoulder blades back and down and relax. It helps to open up your chest and improve posture as your chest tends to get quite tight while sitting at a computer.

Forsyth says you can still use your extended health benefits as insurance companies are still billing during this pandemic.