The next generation of farmers and ranchers are raising concerns over the mounting costs of doing business under COVID-19.

Kendra Donnelly works closely with her husband, parents, sister and brother-in-law in running their ranch, farm and feedlot operation Korova and Rimrock Feeders at Acme, Alberta.

She considers herself a next-generation farmer and rancher says COVID-19 might wipe her generation out of this business.

"I would like Canadians to know that we love providing that food security and high-quality products on grocery store shelves, but to face these financially devastating times, it may not be worth taking that risk any longer."

Donnelly notes some insurance programs that are available to producers under the Business Risk Management tools aren't practical.

"We still see significant losses if we were to purchase those insurance programs."

She noted that taking the markets and insurance program into account citing numbers on one specific day that even with the insurance she'd still see a $400 a head loss.

Earlier this month the Saskatchewan Government announced plans to help producers facing similar situations by providing 40% of the increased premiums back to producers. 

The Alberta Beef Producers are urging the Kenny Government to take a look at a similar program for producers there.

Donnelly took part in the "Feeding the Future" Zoom conference, organized by the Canadian Cattlemen's Association as one of three young producers talking about how COVID 19 is impacting their operations.