The production of 'Nutcracker In A Nutshell' is once again coming to the Cochrane RancheHouse Theatre.

This is the fourth year the production has been coming to Cochrane; Events Organizer, Sandy Johnson, shares the performance was created by a Nutcracker ballerina.

"The artistic director Jenny Repond Peters, she was a dancer when she was a young gal. She was in Alberta Ballet's Nutcracker and she wanted to adapt it for the younger crowd."

Johnson says the play is designed for young children, 0-6 years of age, and will take them through the classic Nutcracker play in roughly 30 minutes.

"It is really interactive, it is really geared for the 0-6 crowd, because they get to get up and dance at the end, we do crafts a half hour before the show starts, if your chilld is not really into don't have to sit there and be quiet for a half hour."

Johnson says the kids get right into the production, and it is a great introduction to not only dance, but classical music as well.

"I think the more you can expose them to different things, because not all of them are into sports, and you have some little artistic souls and it is just lovely to have other options for them."

If you are looking to get into the Christams spirit the production will run in Cochrane, December 15 and 16, begininng at 10:30 am. You can find information on how to get your tickets for Nutcraker In A Nutshell, here.