The province is looking for Albertans' feedback regarding a new code of conduct for teachers and teacher leaders.  

It is an effort to better the teaching profession’s discipline process and create one consistent system that will improve the K to 12 education system.

The goal is to help develop a single code of professional conduct for all teachers and teacher leaders regardless of where they are employed.  

Currently, there are two codes of conduct for teachers and teacher leaders dependent upon whether a teacher is a member of the Alberta Teachers Association or not. The goal is to unify and create one code for all. The ATA Code of Professional Conduct is for teachers who work in public, separate, and francophone schools and who are part of the collective agreement and hold an active ATA membership status. The other code falls under the Professional Conduct Requirements for Teachers and Teacher Leaders found in the schedule of the Practice Review of Teachers and Teacher Leaders Regulation and applies to all teachers who are not active members of the ATA. That would include First Nations schools, public charter schools, and independent schools and account for about 15 per cent of Alberta’s practicing teachers.  

Minister of Education, Adriana LaGrange says, “This is another step that improves the quality of classroom education in Alberta. We’re building on our important work to enhance oversight of the teaching profession and ensure the safety and wellbeing of students so they can get the education we know they deserve.” 

The survey is open to the public until October 7 and can be accessed HERE

It is anticipated that the new code of conduct will be introduced on January 1, 2023.