Even though Cyndy Morin does not physically reside in Cochrane her compassion and willingness to give make her an easy candidate for a 52 story.

This local Cochrane business owner is the perfect example of 'if you want something done give it to a busy person.' I am not sure when sleep occurs in her busy schedule but failing would be the bad f-word.

To understand how far Cyndy has come, you need to know where she began.

In my pre-interview ramble, I tell Cyndy to set aside about 45 minutes for us to chat and two hours later we part ways. In learning about someone's personal side you can become so engrossed that no longer is it an interview but their story. I have had the privilege to sit and listen to some incredible personal journeys but Cyndy's brings one of strength, drive and how you truly can become whatever you set your mind to.

Cyndy's story will begin when her only goal was to be a rock star. Dropping out of high school in grade 10, Cyndy met the person who would change her existence, the love of her life. "Chatelaine magazine did a story on how we met for the October issue 1996 because I won him in a poker game. He used to come and watch my gigs all the time, he was my only fan and my groupie; after we'd play we would come back to my house and play poker. One night we were playing poker and after everybody dropped off like flies, it was just him and I. By the end of the night I had won all the money and rather than him going home, I said let's bet all or nothing."

Whether it was Cyndy's luck or his, her poker hand landed her the man of her dreams. Moving right in, life over the next few years was not necessarily easy but the two managed to make things work. Cyndy was a young mom with two young children at home and a third on the way when she got news that would ultimately change who she was and her life forever.

Watching the late day news one afternoon, Cyndy learned her 37-year-old spouse was killed in a collision just outside of Bragg Creek. "He was on his way back home, (we were living in Arbour Lake at the time) when he was hit by a semi and died instantly. The weird thing is when he left that morning I just felt like something was going to happen."

Nothing could have prepared Cyndy for that fateful day in 1997 or the months that lie ahead of her. A stay-at-home mom, Cyndy's dream life came crashing down. "Our plan was I was going to raise the kids and my husband was the primary breadwinner. My kids were never going to go to daycare, they were never going to eat at McDonald's, I was a vegetarian and working out at the gym all the time and my life drastically changed overnight. We had just bought our first home but we didn't put mortgage insurance on it because it was a big purchase. Within four months of buying the home he was killed and he was also self-employed, so we didn't have insurance...we didn't have anything."

With two toddlers, one just diagnosed with autism as well as being six months pregnant, Cyndy had to come up with a plan. "My income was cut off that day and I thought what the hell is going on with my life right now?! I thought, okay, I can either raise my kids in poverty like I grew up or I can do something different."

And that is where the past meets the future. Cyndy returned to school, upgraded and immediately went on to achieve an undergrad in psychology with the idea that at least she would become more educated about the world of autism. Working multiple jobs, with three kids 14 months apart even Cyndy doesn't know how she managed. "How I lived through it? I don't know?! I never want to live through it again, it was crazy."

Cyndy's drive and determination was seen throughout this period. Not only did she challenge herself but she also spent time working hand in hand to bring change for other families. Working alongside government bureaucrats and people of influence, Cyndy was able to bring better autism programs to Canada before she unknowingly stepped into a career of law herself. Becoming a lawyer was not something Cyndy dreamed about but like most things, in her life, she made the most of her happenstance.

While learning the ins and outs of law through textbook was not necessarily her passion, she did find it in when she started representing people in the U of C program 'Student Legal Assistance.'

Her triumphs throughout the program sparked a fire within Cyndy and she has been unstoppable since. Realizing working for someone who's philosophies never gelled with hers, Cyndy decided to open her own firm, Resolve Legal Group.

Growing from one firm into two and now with three other satellite locations, Cyndy has a real passion for helping families and individuals come to an agreement for the betterment of all. Whether to stay together, restructure or completely fracture ways, Cyndy has spent hours upon hours educating the public on their rights when it comes to family law.

Her vision, as well as the firms', are not about collecting hefty paycheques and winning every case but instead rebuilding a level of trust so everyone walks away healthy and able to thrive. Speaking at numerous events Cyndy's ultimate goal is to listen to her client's and fill the gaps while challenging the government on justice reform. 

Giving back to the community through a long list of initiatives, Cyndy never forgets where she came from and the challenges she has persevered through. Supporting Cochrane's Big Hill Haven, Calgary Counselling Centre and Airdrie's Angels, Cyndy tries to keep funds local and benefit each community.

Cyndy's story is much more than a bio of all the great things she has done and continues to accomplish; it is the fact of realizing that when life throws you a curve ball, you can still step up to bat and nail one out of left field. 

The rock star that Cyndy once imagined is still in there she just now leaves her mark on society in a different way. There are no doors that Cyndy can't open and she shows each and every person that through adversity you can find success and strength.

Never taking life for granted, Cyndy says she has the opportunity to live and make a difference. While her life has not always been easy and without strife giving back is a privilege and one she will always choose.

"Everybody's actions have a bigger impact and I have always taught my kids you have to pay attention to the ripple effect. I have the opportunity to still do that while my husband doesn't."

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