Dairy Queen is becoming one of the next chain restaurants to launch a mobile app.

Tim Morrison, Owner of Cochrane Dairy Queen says although the app was launched in the United States about a year ago it's just now made its way to Canada. With Alberta being one of the leading provinces for driving new initiatives, Morrison shares they look forward to tweaking any and all challenges that come with the new technology. "We wanted to test it in Alberta because we are kind of the leaders for taking things like this head on, and if there any issues with it we want it to work right for us before we unleash it throughout Canada."We volunteer our time to make blizzards every Miracle Treat Day to support our local store and this amazing fundraising initiative.

Initially, in the first phase, the app will provide users with weekly coupon deals on treats, food, and drinks for restaurants within Alberta plus national promotions including 'Blizzard of the Month' as well as limited time offers. Eventually, shares Morrison, the app will allow customers to place orders ahead of time with the hopes to make life easier for all. "Right now it has the coupon offers, store locator and then we're hoping that eventually, you will be able to order ahead for things like ice cream cakes and store orders to make things easier for the customer. It will be different and there will probably be a few growing pains but this is the way things are moving and I think it will be a good thing."

To encourage Dairy Queen fans to download the app, the company has sweetened the deal by offering those who register a free mini-Blizzard. "Just come on in, pick out your flavour, and who doesn't love free ice cream?!"

To download the DQ mobile App visit the App Store or Google Play.

While Cochrane Dairy Queen does a few in-store fundraising initiatives the big one for the chain restaurant is Miracle Treat Day that occurs in August. 

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