Yesterday, Freedom Conservative Party (FCP) candidate Matthew Morrisey officially filed his nomination paper. Today he's at the FCP campaign kickoff in Calgary and this Saturday he's in Cochrane knocking on doors.

Morrisey believes the grassroots movement embraced by the Wild Rose has been lost with the creation of the UCP and believes the FCP is a viable option for conservative voters.

"I really want to get the message of the Freedom Conservative Party out there that Albertans have an option if they can't stand what's going on in the UCP," says Morrisey. "There is an alternative conservative party that values the grassroots and there is a home for conservatives that feel that the PC party has reared it's ugly ahead instead of the UCP."

While expecting the NDP to wait and let the Kenney-Callaway investigation play out before calling an election, he's still fired up and ready to go and looking forward to talking to more constituents. A master electrician by trade, Morrisey has been involved in politics since 2015 and when he didn't like what he saw decided to put his name forward for the FCP.

"I saw how things could be played and I definitely didn't like it. I wanted to make sure I got in the game and at least make an effort to do something about it because I value a democratic process and how things are currently operating isn't squeaky clean. I want to make sure the government is held to account and we have a trustworthy government that works for the people."

While not impressed with the UCP he says goal number one is to get rid of the NDP. 

"The number one thing Albertans want is integrity and trust. They were lied to by the NDP. They didn't run on a carbon tax and all of a sudden after they took power we had a carbon tax."

"With the UCP, as you've seen with the Kenney-Callaway situation, there have been some poor politics."

"I think the FCP incorporates a lot of the great parts of the Wild Rose. The grassroots guarantee is one of those things that drew a lot of people to the Wild Rose and when Kenney started to move away from that after the AGM it really turned out a lot of grassroots conservatives. I think that it's important that we have a party that stands for those principles."

Besides doorknocking and being active on social media he will also be holding coffee meet and greets throughout the constituency.

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