When you stop and consider the broad range of activities that take place here on any given day, the photographic project "A Day in the Life of Cochrane" will be a visual feast of Cochranites.

It's a massive undertaking by 40 to 50 photographers and the organizers are welcoming input from those who would like to be included in the project.

The Cochrane Camera Club, in conjunction with the town's economic development department and Cochrane Tourism, will be scouting around the community on Sat. June 2 capturing people working, playing and living here.

The project's been a long-time ambition of professional photographer Patrick Price and he believes it has the potential to be a huge community builder. Cochrane had 5,400 people when he first moved here and back then he played with the idea of bringing his camera and lighting umbrellas to the downtown plaza and photograph every single person in the community until realizing it was too large an undertaking for one photographer. Years later, he still believed in the project and has garnered support and interest.

"When Patrick came along with the idea of A Day in the Life of Cochrane it just seemed like a perfect fit," says Pat Johnston, president of the Cochrane Camera Club. "As we started to think about ideas and the photos we could take, we realized it's just a great concept to run around and take a look and use the creativity of a photographer to capture what it really means to be in Cochrane for a day and what it really looks like."

Cochrane Camera Club president Pat Johnston read from an initial list of moments they hope to share from the day, including the opening of the Farmers' Market, Footstock and regular weekend sporting activities. Still, he knows full well there is much more to Cochrane and stresses they want people and businesses to reach out to them.

"People may be out gardening that day, there may be barbecues going on, people going back and forth from the seniors' homes. Maybe there's a family function, maybe a birthday party at the bowling alley or even just at a home. There may be a family wedding going on that day; just trying to capture whatever happens in Cochrane within a random day."

Price echoes that sentiment.

"We really want input from the community. I hope everyone participates. whether it be artists, athletes, nonprofit groups, businesses, merchants-- the whole gamut--everyone that works, plays and lives in this town. It's going to be a great community project, a great community builder."

To be included in the project, you can email [email protected] and provide your name, a contact person and email address.  From there a time slot will be established and photographer/s assigned. Anyone interested in participating needs to register by Apr. 30.

Photographers will be capturing moments from 12:01 a.m. to 11:59 that day and Price, a self-proclaimed nighthawk, already has something in mind for those first few moments.

Town economic development manager Mike Korman says they are thrilled to be a partner in the project and will eventually be hosting all of the selected photographs on their website www.makeithere.ca.

"We feel like it's a great opportunity to showcase A Day in the Life and really show people from inside and outside Cochrane how dynamic it is and how much we can provide as a living place and a working place and really make this place special and show people how special this place is. You can make it here, you can work here, you live here, you can create here and that's what we're trying to showcase and it's a great way to utilize the site."

Jo-Anne Oucharek, executive director of Cochrane Tourism and an avid photographer who belongs to the camera club, sees an enormous opportunity to share Cochrane with the world.

"We're playing more of a supporting role in this," says Oucharek. "It's really about the town itself, but when you look at tourism if the people of Cochrane are excited about what's here and what happens here on a daily basis, they share it with the world through their friends and families and then more people will see Cochrane as a destination."

For the camera club, it's a great opportunity to provide exposure. They have about 45 members, meet monthly and have regular photo outings. Yet, believes Johnston, many other photographers aren't aware they exist.

"This is a great project for the Cochrane Camera Club in the sense that we have a wide range of members from newbies looking to learn more about photography all the way up to professional photographers and we're always looking for things to go out and take photos of.

For those who normally don't photograph people, it will take them out of their element and introduce them to a new challenging way to be creative.

On the day of the event, credentials will be issued to participating photographers to identify them as part of the group.

You can learn more about the camera club here.

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