Five years ago, it was the furthest thing from Talus Hume's mind. He didn't know how long he'd be in the Heritage Junior Hockey League let alone think he'd become one of only a few Cochrane Generals to hit the 100 goal mark.

"But looking back, it's pretty cool to see." says Hume.

Now in his final season with the club, the perennial sniper notched number 99 and 100 in a game against the Three Hills Thrashers, Dec. 8, before scoring #101 and 102 the following night in Strathmore.

"The (100th) goal wasn't special, but they all count the same, so I'm happy," says Hume. "I had the boys grab the puck. It's a pretty special milestone."

To boot, the puck graces the Three Hill Thrashers logo on one side, much better than some blank black disc.

The last two Gens to surpass 100 goals are Danny McSween and Jonny Pictin, both part of the team's back-to-back HJHL championship teams in 2008-9, and Hume remembers watching them play when he was just a young minor leaguer.

Going into last weekend's match ups, Hume was fully aware of how close he was to the milestone.

"I've been keeping my eyes on the stats here and there so I was hoping I could get it over with this weekend," he said Sunday.

Others players knew it was creeping up and word got to Head Coach Derek Donald, who's in his first year with the club.

"Before the game a couple of guys told me he's getting close to his 100th. Then we're sitting there on the bench and Tali goes, 'Well coach, I'm at 99'."

Donald says it's a great accomplishment.

"He reminds me a lot of a Mike Bossy kind of player. He has scored some really pretty goals but I think one of the things that I've notice is there are a lot of second and third efforts on his part when he is scoring. He's got an incredible shot, he's scored some nice goals and he works really hard."

"Tali doesn't whine, he doesn't complain, he always has a positive attitude, and I think he's just one of those team leaders you want. When he does say something it's very well received. He goes out there and gets the job done and works hard every game."

Donald says the team will be recognizing Hume during Friday's home game and there are some other milestones on the horizon for other core members of the team.

Hume, 21, joined the Gens as an affiliate in four games during the 2012-13 and was one of the key offensive players recruited in the massive club rebuild that followed. In his 13-14 rookie season he was fifth in scoring. As a sophomore, he was the club's top scorer and was named MVP in a year when the Gens escaped the basement and finished second to the eventual league champions, the Coaldale Copperheads. He has remained one of the club's top three scorers ever since, including this season.

In 170 HJHL games, he has accumulated 102 goals and 122 assists for a total of 224 points, or 1.32  points per game average.

Looking to the Gens record book, Danny McSween had 101 goals and 118 assists for 219 points in 93 games and Jonny Pictin had 120 goals and 112 assists for 232 points In 135 games.