CochraneNow Mornings

CochraneNow Mornings


Call of the Rooster with Ricky's Breakfast Cafe & Famoso Pizzeria!

Listen every Monday morning between 7:30 a.m and 8 a.m for the Call of the Rooster, when you hear it, be caller three to win a gift card for breakfast, lunch or dinner!


Pick a Door with Bluebird Storage.

Pick a Door with Bluebird Storage.

Tuesday mornings at 7:40, Lauren gives you the ultimate choice, Door A or Door B? Pick correctly and win a Visa gift card!


Fireside Pharmacy's Midweek Mindbender

Fireside Pharmacy's Midweek Mindbender.

Wednesday mornings at 7:40, throw on your thinking cap to be the first to answer Lauren's tricky question and win cold, hard cash!


Guess the Animal with PetValu Cochrane

Guess the Animal with PetValu Cochrane.

Thursday mornings at 7:40, it's a lion, tiger, or bear? oh my! Lauren will give you three 'types' of an animal and the correct answer gets a free PetValu gift card