The results are in; over 12,000 smile cookies were sold here in Cochrane last week. 

The Cochrane Activettes Food Bank will receive all the proceeds from the local campaign, adding up to $18,000.

 "The Food Bank is really grateful for having such generous support," says Activette Kathy Tucker. "It will help a lot of families in our community."

Local Tim Hortons owner Nancy Etcheverry says supporting local is a top priority. "It's just important that we continue to give back within the community. With the smile cookie program over the last couple of years, we have decided that the money stays in the community."

"It just continues to build and build every year and the larger that we get as a community, the more we can give back. We appreciate all the support that our guests are giving, as well as all the volunteers we've had. We had volunteers in every restaurant here in town."

Last year, Tim Hortons across Canada raised a record-breaking 15 million dollars for local charities and community groups.