“These kids have been working all year long for this show”

Snap Dance has brought together 29 dancers, aged six to 17 and is gearing up for a nightly performance down in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico next month. 

“Travelling is something that the studio has done right from its inception almost 20 years ago now,” says Studio Director Alison Stutz. “We've done things like Carnival Cruise Lines, we've taken them to perform at Disneyland. We performed at Hyde Park and Buckingham Palace in London, England.”

snapdanceSnap Dance performing in front of Buckingham Palace 2014 (provided)

“This year, we're headed to Playa Del Carmen. In 2020. We were supposed to go obviously, but things changed that. So we're really just thrilled to be back on the road with the kids and to give them that experience again.”

Snap will be taking the stage every night at a resort for the guests and locals.

“They have a 30-minute show, and we're going to have four different stages. It's just a really great experience for them.”

Stutz says travelling the world with her dancers showcases just how far this sport can take them.

“It's really important for us to show the kids all the different elements of what they can do as a dancer and a performer.”

snapdanceDancers posing in front of Radio City Music Hall 2016 (provided)

“We hit competitions every year so they get that judged experience. And this is completely different for them. It's people they don't know and lots of times it's huge crowds of international people, and they love it. It's a really great opportunity for them.”

Cochranites looking to take in the 30-minute show locally can attend the unveiling show Friday, March 24 at the Cochrane Ranchehouse.