The Cochrane Job Fair is set for tomorrow (Wednesday, March 8, 2023) and 35 employers actively hiring for various careers.

The event is at the Cochrane Lions Event Centre from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Prospect Cochrane is hosting the Cochrane Job Fair in partnership with Cochrane Economic Development and was able to share numerous pointers to help prepare potential candidates to land a new gig.

TIP 1 - Take your time.

“They can spend time going in and meeting these employers face to face and what's really cool about these job fairs is that you're meeting the decision makers,” explains Jen Dost with Prospect. “We encourage candidates to ask questions, and really sell themselves.”

She says the employers have all expressed interest in hiring from the job fair over an online application. Applicants are better off spending more time with fewer employees than trying to blanket 35 resumes out.

"The employers are nervous too. It's about representing yourself authentically and professionally. And it's not let those nerves get the best of you because everybody's there for the same reason. The employers are there to meet you and you're there to meet them."

TIP 2 - Have your resume ready.

Cochranites hoping to lock down a new job from the Cochrane Job Fair should have resumes on hand when coming to the event. 

“I was just looking at the list and if you have a general customer service resume, you'd be fine going to Starbucks, Winners, you know, for those general customer service positions.”

If you find a position that your resume is not built for, there is always time to freshen it up.

“If you realize that you didn't bring the right resume. We would encourage you to let the manager know you’d like to follow up with them and ask them what the best next step would be.” 

“Maybe people can't come till five o'clock. I don't want them to come and panic and think oh my goodness, I've missed out on this opportunity because I didn't bring the right resume or because I don't have enough time to really spend time with all 35 employers. We are happy to help out after and even into next week.”

TIP 3 - Dress for success.

The Cochrane Job Fair is a great way to nail a first impression with an employer and dressing the part can go a long way.  

“I would encourage people to dress up a little bit, you don't need to wear a suit and tie but maybe one stage more than you would if you're just going out.”

“If you have jeans, make sure they're clean. If you have a dress shirt or something nice to wear. It makes a difference. Just make sure your grooming is good. That stuff matter even in a large job fair,  it really matters”

Check out all the employers attending the Cochrane Job Fair here