As part of their 45th Anniversary Legacy Project, the Cochrane Activettes purchased 10 AEDs ( Automated External Defibrillators) to be placed at various places around Cochrane to make it a heart-safe community.  

Members of the Activettes recently had the pleasure of delivering lifesaving AEDS to six businesses and organizations. Recipients included: The Cochrane Movie House, Cochrane and Area Humane Society, The Clothesline, Cochrane Alliance Church, St. Peter’s Lutheran Church, and the Cochrane Food Bank. The AED that will have a home at the Food Bank will be available to rent for functions in the community. 

The AEDs are registered with the free AHS database.  

According to Chelsea Mann, an Activette and member of the AED program committee, they are awaiting confirmation on the final four locations to place the remaining AEDs in town. The committee is hoping the units will be placed in buildings that are open 24/7. Mann says they are working on the logistics of placements so that the AEDs are spread out evenly in the community. 7/11 is currently being considered as well as businesses in Riversong and Heartland.