Cochrane has dropped to a single active case and Rocky View County has also dropped to four active cases of COVID 19. Good news considering the provincial numbers that Dr. Deena Hinshaw reported on Monday:

  • Friday saw 105 new cases after 12,700 tests were performed 
  • Saturday saw 173 new cases after a new record Alberta of 18,919 were performed
  • Sunday saw 140 new cases after 14,451 were performed
  • There are 37 people in hospital with seven of those in ICU
  • One more death was reported over the weekend bringing that total to 254
  • Three more schools have had outbreaks two in Calgary and one in Edmonton none of these have shown be a result of in-school transmission
  • Forty two cases of COVID 19 have been identified in 35 schools provincially

Dr. Deena Hinshaw says, "Though our confirmed case numbers from Saturday and Sunday are somewhat higher than they have been over the past while. Put in context of the over 33,000 samples run in the two days, these identified case numbers are still manageable by public health."