Watch out, Mayor Jeff Genung, the challenge has been accepted.

Airdrie Mayor Peter Brown is returning to the Great Cochrane Outhouse Race on Sept. 17 with a hot new machine that's had some impressive trial runs.

It also has some added safety features.

"I'm really looking forward to it," says Mayor Brown. "I've got a redesigned cart. I had a friend of mine take care of it for me, and he built it from scratch."

"We've test drove it a few times and it seems to run really well," he continues, "and most importantly, it's got some safety features."

Mayor Brown suffered a concussion during the Mayor's Challenge in 2019 when his Outhouse entry malfunctioned. 

The trouper he is, Brown shrugged it off at the time and vowed to return.

"My sincere apologies to the fans and participants," he said at the time. "Please don’t let this accident diminish your support for this awesome community event. Clearly, my outhouse was not tested for safety, a mistake I will not duplicate."

Peter BrownHe was recognized with the King of the Throne trophy later that year at a special luncheon by the race's organizer Dan Kroffat. (file photo)

Brown reconfirmed his belief yesterday in a phone interview.

"It's all about fun and raising money for charity. It's a great event, and I'm just really looking forward to participating again."

While his Outhouse is ready, he hasn't yet selected his "horses" to power it around the course but has narrowed the field.

"I'm pretty sure I'm getting them from the fire department because one of the gentlemen owes me. He was the architect of the first one, so I've always told him that you have to come back and push me. We'll see how it all goes."

Likely they'll be a friendly side bet with Mayor Genung and the other officials participating in the Mayor's Challenge.

Genung created the special feature that saw several municipal officials take him up on the offer, including Barry Morishita, then mayor of Brooks and president of the Alberta Municipalities organization. 

Mayor Genung says he's honoured to have Mayor Brown returning and is actively recruiting others.

"I'm going to work on seeing if we can get six or so, and make it a good race. Maybe Mayor Gondek will come out from the city and her entourage can race her around the main streets of Cochrane."

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