Melting snow means BMX riders are one step closer to hitting the track.

Cochrane's local BMX club continues to grow great guns with registrations coming in fast and furious.

With continued growth, Brad Christensen, President of the Cochrane BMX Association, shares it is time for the club to make a long-awaited improvement with the help of the association's members. "We are doing a major project this year, we are replacing the BMX start gate. It is the original start gate we have had in the club and it is starting to show itself in age and so we ordered a top of the line pro-gate and it's getting shipped. We should see that gate in the next seven to ten days and it will be a big project getting that installed in the next couple weeks."

With being a few weeks away from starting the season, Christensen says they once again have some events you may want to pencil in. "We have some exciting stuff coming up. Alberta BMX Day is May 27, Alberta Bicycle hosts a free event for all the clubs in Alberta and opens up a come try free day. Come sign the appropriate waiver, grab a bike and helmet from the club and try the sport. It is always a popular day in our club and across all of Alberta. On June 9 and 10, we are hosting an 'all-girl' BMX camp that weekend, you need to be a registered rider to partake. It is a male dominant sport for the most part but we are really trying to promote for the girls. This will be a really great weekend to come try it if you are a female, especially if you are intimidated by the guys, this will be an excellent opportunity. We've got some elite female riders coming out from Edmonton to run the camp for the weekend."

In other news, Katie Scott, is once again back representing Cochrane on the provincial team along with Luke Christensen who made the development team for Team Alberta. Christensen says it is great to see that recognition. "It is a good acknowledgement from Alberta Bicycle that we've got some young riders in our club and we expect that list to only grow over the next few years."

Prior to being President for the past four years, Christensen was a board member for a couple years and says in his time he has seen some amazing growth not only in terms of numbers but skill. "I have seen these kids grow from 5 years old and now their eleven and going to be on the development team and I can guarantee over the next couple years we'll see a bunch more Cochrane names on there. It is so fun, I have seen some of these kids, they could barely ride the bike and they're killing it out there it is so great watching them do the sport they love."

Looking forward to this season, Christensen shares they look forward to a new start gate, some development camps and watching some riders head to Quebec for Nationals. "We have a number of riders going out there and we are hoping to see some kids come back from Quebec and have some National plates. That is our big goal, to see individuals succeed at a higher level this year."

If you would like more information on the club or access registration forms, go HERE.