The Cochrane Rangers Soccer Club is looking to build up its ladies rec program as we head into summer.

The group is offering an evening for local women to give soccer a go at a free try it night. 

Amanda Paffrath, with the Rangers said there's a wide range of ages and abilities on the team. 

"You're going to have people that just want to come out and want to run around and practice their skills, and then you're going to have people who don't know the rules and want to ask questions, and we have some very friendly referees that come out and will explain things as we go along. It's a mix of both."

She said they see players from 16 to over 60 come out to play. 

Paffrath said not only is it a great way to get or stay in shape, but they're a community. 

"I joined to volunteer and to play when I first moved to Cochrane a couple years ago and it was a way to meet people. If you stick around after the one-hour of soccer, sit around and have a drink or chit chat, some people bring their kids to the field. There's kids running around on the side, and they're making friends too. It's a really good time."

The try it night goes on Monday, May 15th at 7 p.m. at the soccer field at Hwy 22 and George Fox Trail. 

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