“One thing I’ve learned about Cochrane is that the people that live in Cochrane LOVE Cochrane, saying it’s the best town in Alberta. There’s a lot of passionate people here!”

Passion for both the town AND creating homes that people will love for decades to come is what sets Broadview Homes apart.

Broadview Homes has been in business for the last 35 years. A branch of Qualico, they’ve been in and around Calgary for decades, perfecting their craft, and leaving a trail of satisfied homeowners in their wake.

Andrew Mackenzie, Marketing Manager with Broadview Homes, shares what differentiates them from the competition.

“One of the main things that we provide is value to our homeowners. So it’s not just the best price- we really focus on what people want in their houses.”

Recently, Broadview Homes ran a campaign called If It Were My House. Here, they sat down with ten of their trade partners and asked them what, in relation to their particular scope of work, they’d include in their house.

“We talked with our concrete guys. We talked with our flooring guys. We talked with our cabinet company. We got their answers, and included them in our standard specifications.” Mackenzie continues. “So something like a nine-foot basement is standard at Broadview Homes. A lot of people want nine-foot basements, but they get the price tag and decide against it. So we include it as a standard, because we want to provide the best product for our customers.”

Broadview Homes is currently building within the community of Rivercrest in Cochrane. Rivercrest was recently featured in CochraneNow’s Best Neighborhood Showdown, its popularity quickly moving it up in the ranks.

“We love Cochrane. The proximity to the mountains, the views you can get in the area, the small town feeling. We love it all. And if you want to capture those views, we offer customizable plans to help with that,” Mackenzie emphasizes. “We can make your dream a reality, whether it be a third-storey deck to take in the views over your morning coffee, or a 10-foot basement for your golf simulator. Sky’s the limit!”

All are welcome to take a stroll through their show home during their Grand Opening, coming up on September 16th in Rivercrest. Here, they hope to dispel any worries about cookie-cutter homes, and show one and all that they truly can customize any and all features. Whether for comfort, style, or budget, the Broadview Homes team is ready to prove to you that anything is possible.

For more information about properties up for sale near you, as well as details about the upcoming show home Grand Opening, visit www.broadviewhomescalgary.com.

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