Ron Voss has become the third candidate running in the Airdrie-Cochrane constituency in the May 29 provincial election.

He's one of 54 candidates of the Wildrose Loyalty Coalition (WLC), which received party status from Elections Alberta on May 1.

Voss calls WLC a return to the aspirations of the Wildrose Alliance that rose to prominence when its first leader Paul Hinman was elected in a 2009 byelection.

"This is sort of the revival of the Wildrose movement of 15 years ago and it's reunited once again around Paul Hinman. It's bringing a coalition of people together, loyal to Alberta and the principles of freedom. We're a very strong Alberta first party,

He says Albertans have been left questioning their institutions after a difficult three years.

"I think one thing that has come out of it is we've lost trust and confidence in institutions, whether it's the judicial system, the media, schools or the colleges of physicians and doctors, you know, things that we normally just say they will take care of matters and everything will be fine."

He lists among these institutions "legacy" political parties.

"People are sort of fed up with the political parties of the past. They say they'll do things and leave you with great hopes. Then once they get in, they not only not do the things they said they would do, but they actually make our lives more miserable."

WLC calls for more Alberta and less Ottawa, believing Albertans have a broken, dysfunctional, toxic relationship with Ottawa and must take control of its future.

Among its major thrusts is saying no to carbon net zero.

"Climate change is real, but not because of man-made emissions of carbon dioxide, a colourless odorless gas. It's not a pollutant, it's plant food. The more CO2 you have in the atmosphere, the greener the planet becomes. If you want to talk about the green agenda, let's have more CO2."

He calls the current MLA legislation a joke and almost unachievable. He says the WLC will offer legitimate, genuine recall legislation.

"So you if you don't trust me, then you can come back and throw me out using legitimate, genuine recall legislation that has some teeth."

The WLC supports creating an Alberta Revenue Agency to control all taxes collected in Alberta. It would then determine what federal services and programs it would support. 

He says at some point the WLC may hold a referendum on whether Alberta should remain in Canada but says party leader Hinman believes the first priority is to get Alberta's ship in order.

Voss says there does remain some hope for the country.

"I think it's a possibility to fix Canada and make it a country where there isn't overreach by a central government and it's more decentralized."

Voss ran into the 2021 federal election as an independent and is a former constituency association president of the Wildrose Independence Party of Alberta, which he parted company with in 2022.