A chance to enjoy a meal common in the Elizabethan era is available in honour of this month's showing by the Chinook Film Group.

On Wed. Nov. 27, the Kenneth Branagh film "All Is True" is being presented at the Cochrane Movie House for one showing only. 

The Gentry Espresso and Wine Bar, 312-5th Ave, is offering a dinner before the showing of the film for a maximum of 34 people. In partnership with the Chinook group, the dinner and a movie package costs $25. Prime seats will be reserved in the theatre for those participating.

Movie tickets are available for the other 96 seats in the theatre for $10 ea. Advance tickets can be purchased at The Gentry, and some will be available at the door.

Numerous films have been done on the works of William Shakespeare, many by Sir Branagh, but this time we get a glimpse into the life of the playwright.

Written by Ben Elton, the story is set around the premise of Shakespeare returning home to rejoin his wife Anne Hathaway after the Globe Theatre burned down in 1613. The fire occurred during the first production of his play "Henry VIII" better known as "All Is True" until 1623.

Branagh and screenwriter Elton selected this little known period of Shakespeare's life for the film.

"It's a relatively unexplored period, and yet so much happened during it," says Branagh in the film's synopsis. "As so much of what we know about Shakespeare is speculative, it seemed a really interesting period in which to gather together some real and known facts."

At this point in his life, Shakespeare had rarely seen his family for two decades. He came home to Stratford to bridge the difference between his wife and two daughters, recover from the death of his son, and come to terms with his legacy as an artist. His family was surprised and hardly pleased to discover he intended to stay.

Besides directing, Branagh portrays Shakespeare with an all-star cast that includes Judi Dench and Ian McKellen. He had already completed filming without publicity before it was announced Sony Picture Classics would distribute it.

The Chinook Film Group is in its 16th season of offering the viewing of alternative and independent films. There are monthly viewings from September to November and January to April.