A haven from domestic violence is needed 365 days a year.  

Sadly, that need does not take a break during the holiday season.  

Therefore, Big Hill Haven is very grateful for two holiday fundraisers that are being supported by a couple of local businesses.  

The first initiative is a new one called the Safe Sleep campaign which will see Big Hill Haven collect pajamas for their clients. Wanda McGinnis says, “We were trying to think of ways that we could engage the community and put them in touch with what it is like if you are trying to start over and those basic needs you take for granted. We thought a pajama campaign would be great.” 

Big Hill Haven’s Safe Sleep campaign is collecting new pajamas in all sizes. You can drop off your donation at Cochrane Floors and More at 417 1 St W. and McGinnis says, “We will collect them regularly to make sure that we can be getting them out to families as soon as they are coming in.” 

Another fundraiser that is returning for a third year during the holiday season is Mr Mikes Giving Tree. The Giving Tree, located at 50 Quarry St W., has been decorated with Christmas wishes from Big Hill Haven and the BGC (Boys and Girls Club) of Cochrane and Area. You are encouraged to stop in to pick a card off the tree and fulfill a Christmas Wish and in return, Mr Mikes will gift you a $10 gift card.  

McGinnis says the gift cards they receive from the Giving Tree are, “Given out to families both at Christmas so that we can help them create some normalcy and new memories but also throughout the year when we need to support families once Christmas is over because we know that the need continues.” 

On the Giving Tree, you will also find some mitten decorations that have information about Big Hill Haven and what they have been able to accomplish in the last year.  

If you require more information about Big Hill Haven’s free and confidential services, you can call 403-796-6564 or email bighilloutreache@gmail.com.