The CobrasCats high school girls rugby team has earned a wildcat berth into the  ASAA 15s provincials on June 9 and 10 at the Calgary Rugby Union.

Yesterday, they lost the south-central zone championship in a close match against Foothills Composite Falcons that came down to kicks. Both teams scored three tries.

"It was a pretty tight battle the whole way," says assistant coach Brian Morgoth, "It came down to right to the end of the game. Had we scored and converted a kick at the very end of it, we could have won."

It's only the second time they've faced the Falcons this season and the first time since a pre-season match.

It was their toughest game of the season and their only loss. Their strong performance is what secured them the wildcard berth.

rugby 2CobraCat Maddie Waterhouse attempts to bypass a Falcons defender. (Photo/Mike Reece)

One of their regular season games was cancelled due to heavy smoke conditions and later on picked up an exhibition match against a Banff team.

"That was a nice little warm-up game that we ended up winning, but the competition yesterday was much higher than any other games we played this season."

Although a schedule hasn't been released yet, Morgotch expects their stiffest competition of the provincials will come in their first game,  He wouldn't be surprised if it was against the Raymond Comets.

"Raymond is a small high school," he explains. "They play up to the top division, and I think out of the last 15 years they're come first in 14 of them."

The CobraCats are guaranteed three games and based on the results will either be competing in the medals or consolation finals.

rugby 2Millie Teskey prepares to pass the ball. (Photo/Mike Reece)
rugby 3CobraCat Alina Morante tackles a Foothills Composite player. Josie Powers is in the background. (Photo/Mike Reece)