Have you ever felt that in this age of instant communication, that people are socializing less?  You are not alone. Our society has been described as living in, “the age of loneliness”.  How did we become so disconnected?  

Wellness expert, Tamer Soliman has created a documentary called “The Great Disconnect”, which explores our culture of disconnectedness.  This timely documentary is being presented by Cochrane FCSS.   

Showtime is Thursday November 21, at the Cochrane RanceHouse Theatre, at 7 pm. Admission is free.  

The Great Disconnect uncovers why, in a world seemingly more connected than ever before, people are feeling more and more socially isolated. Tamer journeys through North American cities to meet with local citizens, community activists, and leading authorities on social, economic and urban planning to discover the true factors that have profound and lasting impacts, not only on our health, but the health of the communities in which we live.   

“The Great Disconnect” invites us to think about the relationships we have with those around us and if we can overcome our modern culture of isolation and detachment.  

Tamer says, “Making this film has changed my definition of what it really means to be healthy-physically, emotionally, and socially.  My hope is that by watching this film, people will reflect on the idea that to well, we need to find ways to come together. The health of society as a whole depends on it.”