May 1 to 7 is Mental Health Awareness Week, a time to bring attention to the needs of everyone's mental health needs. 

The town of Cochrane has put together a full week of activities and there is something for everyone in town to enjoy from young to old.  

Meghan Vornholt, Community Development Worker with the town of Cochrane said these events aren't meant to act as therapy sessions. The focus is on making a social connection.

"Just like our physical health, we all have mental health. And I think there's a misconception that mental health is only when you're struggling, no mental health is all the time and yes, our mental health ebbs and flows for every person. But one of the pillars of mental wellness is social connection."

The entire week of activities is tailored to Cochranites said Vornholt.

"They're all local facilitators or people that are local to the community. A lot of the arts events are going on at Route 22, which is the local art gallery over by the Safeway. We wanted to make sure it was a local experience."

community development worker


You can view the entire list of events and pre-register HERE.