A busy Cochrane mom of four is getting set to kick off the 56th annual Cochrane Lions Labour Day Rodeo by carrying the flag at the start of each day. 

Chelsey Yundt is thrilled to be a flag carrier during the grand entry, "We do a grand entrance and then we also ride once during intermission. It's pretty exciting, and it opens up the rodeo." 

She's been riding since she was a little girl and has owned horses since she was a kid. She has also dabbled in the rodeo world. 

Chelsey 1

Yundt had the opportunity of a lifetime earlier this summer when she tried out and was accepted to ride at the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth. 

She said being part of the Calgary Stampede was amazing and tiring, as the 10-day-rodeo included long days. 

"A lot of the girls are a lot younger than me and I was the only one who had a big family. It was definitely interesting trying to juggle everything and go home at night, and give them a quick hug right before they'd go to bed, and just keep trucking. But it was an amazing experience."   

Chelsey Yundt Chelsey with her husband and four children at the Calgary Stampede grounds

The riders also held their flags on stage each night during the Grandstand show. 

"It's an experience where you get to meet so many people in the rodeo world." 

When it comes to carrying the flag, Yundt said it's not always the easiest task. 

"Some of them are very heavy, some of the poles are built a lot stronger than others. Some of the flags that you grab are super light, and then others on a windy day, you're definitely trying to control your horse." 

Chelsey Yundt

The Cochrane Lions Rodeo goes from Sept.1 - 4.

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