The results are in and Cochrane's population sits at 25,122 according to the 2016 census results.

Growth has come down to a more reasonable percentage of 8% which was actually higher than expected to Julian De Cocq, Town of Cochrane, Chief Administrative Officer.

"When we first looked at our growth projections we felt if we were to obtained that 6- 7% we would be going strong. 8% was a little higher than what we initially thought."

De Cocq says growth has pluses and drawbacks to it.

"When you do grow the revenue from new growth is there for you to look at what the community is asking for and certainly when you don't grow you have to curtail certain things."

The 8% growth will help the town maintain it's plans it has in place.

"The growth we did see it was a little bit more but that is the growth that occurred up until very recently and now we are seeing a reduction in the growth so we are thinking by next year about this time when we look at the numbers we will have a lot slower growth rates.

De Cocq adds the growth still suggests Cochrane is a desirable and sought after community.

"The Town of Cochrane continues to attract solid growth in a community that offers a lot of the benefits of a community that has both aesthetic appeal, open space, and social/cultural support."

The growth rates that the town has seen in the previous years are higher than they should be in terms of sustainability.

"With a little slower rates we will be able to get a little breathing space and do our planning and move forward from here. So I think it's a good news  story, it's also got it's responsibilities that go along with it.

Since 2014 Cochrane growth has ballooned by 17.6% but future predictions look much more deflated.