Cochranites could be switching their snow pants for shorts today.

After a short snowstorm, Thursday morning saw temperatures dip to -17°C. Today, Cochrane is looking for a high of 12°C.

“We have a building ridge of upper high pressure that's going to continue to move in over southern Alberta today that coupled with some warming westerly winds is going to create warmer than normal conditions starting later this afternoon,” says Justin Shelley, Meteorologist with Environment Canada.

“As we hit today and Saturday, that's when we're expecting those warmest temperatures to occur.”

Cochrane has been lucky to see minimal snow so far this November and Shelley says that’s pretty average.

“In recent years, we’ve seen long stretches of relatively snow-free conditions. remember back to last November, we actually had a pretty cold stretch here in the first half of November where temperatures were struggling to get above minus 15 for a couple of days in a row but recovered pretty nicely by the end of the month.”

“It looks like this November, we might see a bit of a flip in that pattern where the first half of November has been relatively mild, but it looks like we could see a change to that starting early next week.”

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