Only in Alberta can you have record-warm temperatures and the first snowfall forecast in the same week.

We enjoyed a warm sunny October in 2022 and yesterday (Monday, October 17) saw 21 locations break warm temperature records in the province. 

Cochrane smashed the past recorded temperature record.

According to Environment Canada Meteorologist Kyle Fougere, "Cochrane hit 25.7 degrees Celcius which beat the old record of 18.8 degrees Celcius which was set in 2008."

Today's forecast (Tuesday, Oct 18) is expected to be around 24 degrees and chances are we will break another record.

Fougere says the record for October 18 is 21.1 degrees Celcius. 

Sadly, the warm and sunny summer-like weather is going to change by the weekend.

Fougere says, "There is going to be a low-pressure system that's going to move through the province this weekend and it is going to bring some moisture but I think a lot of people will be not thrilled to hear that it is probably going to be frozen moisture. We are expecting our first snowfall of the year in several portions of Alberta.

The precipitation is expected on Saturday but it is still too far out to say how much at this time.

However, the pattern change is guaranteed as we will go from well above normal temperatures to below normal for the start of next week. 

Most will agree it was a lovely fall and let's face it, we had a good run. 

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