A lot of people have a side hustle, but it's usually something pretty low-key such as dog-walking, blogging or perhaps delivering food. 

Cochrane's Tiffany Beaton, who is the communications coordinator by day at the Cochrane & Area Humane Society gets to blow things up as part of her side gig. 

She's a Fireworks and Pyro Technician, something she said that she just happened to stumble into. 

"I do production at events and we needed another technician to follow us on the tour, but it's really expensive to bring one in. So they asked if I wanted to learn how to do fireworks. It's relatively easy, you just take a basic course and apprentice under somebody." 

She was then able to learn all of the important safety elements. 

She does fireworks for events such as the Calgary Stampede and Canada Day. 

Every single show is completely custom and unique. 

"Someone will make a design of what they envision the show to look like, and it's our job to put it all together. It varies so much." said Beaton. 

Beaton said firework shows are still magical to watch but she sees them in a different light now. "Whenever you're watching a show now, you're like 'that one right there was a dud', You notice the very minute details that no one else would notice."