Thanks to an increased effort to conserve water, there has been an incredible 300 per cent increase in rebate applications for water conservation here in Cochrane this year. 

Additionally, outdoor water usage has remained steady, indicating a commitment to sustainable practices even during the warmer months.

As part of Cochrane’s initiative to protect its natural resources, the town invests annually in providing water conservation rebates to residents.

Eligible outdoor water conservation items include lawn alternatives and drought-tolerant ground cover, wood mulch for increased water retention, rain barrels for water collection, and fescue sod for reduced water use.

Water conservation rebates are also available for those who opt for high-efficiency toilets and washing machines.

“The uptake we have seen in the rebate program really showcases that Cochrane residents care about water conservation and safeguarding our natural resources,” says Shane Hubl, Director of Operations, Town of Cochrane. “These small investments at home make a significant impact in the long run and often result in saving both time and money on yard maintenance. We want to say thank you to the community for their support and continued efforts as we move into warmer summer weather.”

Most years, residential water use increases by 30 per cent during the spring and summer months but this year due to an extremely wet spring and the large participation in Cochrane's rebate program, the community's water demand has remained below the usual spring usage levels.

Data from the Provincial Drought Portal as of June indicates that drought conditions have improved across the Bow River Basin thanks to recent rainfall and cooler temperatures .

“Cochrane residents should be proud knowing that their efforts play a significant role in allowing everyone to access the water they need,” added Hubl.

Water conservation rebates are still available for purchases made in 2023 and 2024.