The Christmas season will be merry & bright as the Rocky Mountain Rotary Club has announced plans to take over Cochrane Light Up. 

It's one of our community's most cherished annual events and after 10 years on the job, organizer Stephenie Shelstad announced that she was stepping down after the 2022 event.

This left the community wondering who would take on the massive task of putting it together.

Upwards of 15,000 people gather in Historic Downtown Cochrane for the outdoor street festival, that officially kicks off the Christmas season, in town each year.

Chair of the organizing committee, Chris Heier said they're already making plans with how to grow the event, but they're taking it one step at a time. 

He said they're working with the previous organizers to make sure they don't skip a beat. 

"Make sure we get our footing. If there is anything that some of our members, especially since we have some members who have been big sponsors in the past, they can provide insight as to what they've seen in previous years that has worked. Over the next few years we can figure out new ways to evolve it in new and interesting directions." 

The Rocky Mountain Rotary Club has been awarded the large community grant from the town of Cochrane. 

"I'd like to see where we can take it down the road, we've got a great group of members in our club. A lot of members have all sorts of interesting ideas with what we could potentially do with it, it's just a matter of, is this something that we're going to try to do this year, or will we implement some of these ideas next year."

Free hot dogs and hot chocolate for event goers are some of the biggest draws at the annual event. There's always live music, children's entertainment and fire pits to enjoy as well. 

Cochrane Light Up is slated to go in Historic Downtown Cochrane on Nov. 18, 2023. 

Heier said they're always looking for new members to join the Rocky Mountain Rotary, but you don't need to be a member if you want to assist with Cochrane Light Up.