UPDATE : Tooch was found  in a garage and is safe and sound back at home. 

Original story follows. 


GlenEagles residents are asked to keep an eye out for Tooch, a pet tortoise on the loose in the area.

Margherita Duesbury says her beloved red-footed tortoise has been missing since Sunday evening. 

"I have no idea how she got out. We've checked around the fencing and the only thing I could think of is maybe she got a little slick, like some water on her shell and somehow just managed to slide under our front gate."

"She looks like a generic red-footed tortoise. She has a little bit of red on her arms. she's got a shell with a little bit of yellow, but it's mostly like a dark brownish colour, dark black."

Tooch lives in the GlenEagles Green area.

"If people do find a tortoise, she has a black tenser bandage around her with a Tile attached to her, like one of those finders, but I haven't been able to locate her with it."

Margherita says her shelled friend is very friendly and easily handled. She loves cat food, strawberries and sunshine and hides in the shade.

 A $100 reward is being offered for Tooch's safe return and you can reach out to Margherita Duesbury on Facebook with any information.

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