A user of the Cochrane On-Demand Local Transit (COLT) is giving a first-hand account of the value the service provides to those in need of transportation around town.

Up until January, Daniel Stuehrenberg used COLT about 20 times a month for travel within the community and says he found it both reliable and driver-friendly.

He says the buses are handicap accessible and he had no problem getting his chair on and off the bus.  He also found booking early was essential to serve the time slot you wanted.

His response came after town councillor Morgan Nagel brought the service under fire at a recent council meeting.

"An on-demand service means that a bus may drop off a passenger in one part of town and pick up the next one in the opposite end of town," explains Stuehrenberg. "Councillor Nagel probably observed buses traveling between those points. Sometimes I was the only passenger and other times the bus was almost full."

"I believe the only way to get full buses in Cochrane would be to have fewer buses and fewer routes, which I do not think is a good idea."

Town council is expected to have an in-depth discussion on the service model of COLT in late April or early May.