As food prices continue to climb in Cochrane, many people are searching for ways to stretch their dollars.

A new Facebook group, Cochrane Food Saver Alberta hopes to help the community find the best deals around town.

“I was just struggling ourselves as our family and I was just trying to figure out ways that I could help so I thought I would start this group,” explains Cochrane’s Brittni Wilson. “In less than a week and a half, I have like almost 400 members and yesterday, I added like 150.”

“It's just been insane the outreach that people are looking for ideas and ways to help save. I really didn't think there was going to be this much interest.”


When it comes to saving money and staying within a budget, Wilson says going in with a plan is essential. 

“Don't go into the store not having a plan because otherwise, you're going to overspend. You need to take the time to go through the apps and go through the flyers and make a plan and say okay, this is what I'm going to make this week.”

“Another basic thing would just be price matching. I would say the most important thing is making sure that you have some of these apps put onto your phone. A simple one is called Flip.”

“The flash food app is to get discounted and expiring foods that are over 50 per cent off and only offered at Loblaws locations so far. I filled my freezer in the last two weeks. I bought chicken, sausages, and beef, and I probably saved over $200.”

Wilson also says that collecting points from various loyalty programs can add up quickly and equal money back. 

“The one thing is it can be a bit time-consuming.” she laughs.