A number of farm groups are hosting learning events for the public today to help give a better understanding of the Agriculture industry and the work involved in putting food on the table.

It's all part of Canada's Agriculture Day.

Clinton Monchuk, Executive Director of Farm and Food Care Saskatchewan says over the last year during COVID we've seen more of an emphasis put on the importance of agriculture.

"Because agriculture and farmers and ranchers were being talked about more in the media. There actually was an increase in the level of trust from consumers here in this country. So it goes to show that the more we talk about what we're doing and the more involved we can get consumers in activities that we do on our farms or our ranches. The more informed they are and the higher the level of trust is with the consumers who are buying our products."

The public has an opportunity to learn more about Beef Cows today during a presentation with the Livestock and Forage Centre of Excellence.

Today's webinar begins at 1 pm and will give people an opportunity to learn more about cows and how scientists are studying how cattle are raised.

It includes a video tour of the Livestock & Forage Centre of Excellence at the University of Saskatchewan and will include an opportunity to ask questions in real-time with experts from the LFCE.

Clinton Monchuk, Farm & Food Care’s Executive Director, will host a Q&A session with Lana Haight, Outreach & Engagement Specialist with the LFCE and Veterinarian Dr. Colin Palmer with the Western College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan.

That webinar will also be made available on the Farm and Food Care Saskatchewan website so people can view it at their convenience.