They say Canadian farmers can then begin experiencing the benefits of stable, reliable trade with the USA and Mexico.

They're calling on all parties to come together to support the quick passage of CUSMA.

"Our farmer members across Canada need a stable market to succeed and to grow," says GGC Chair Jeff Nielsen from his farm near Olds. "By signing this historic agreement, the Government of Canada is committing to a meaningful upgrade to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and ensuring our North American market access is preserved."

The Grain Growers strongly encourage Canada to join the USA and Mexico in ratifying CUSMA in order to keep Canadian trade with the United States and Mexico tariff-free. Additionally, if ratified, CUSMA will remove legal barriers that prevent grain grown in the USA from being treated equally here in Canada, a longstanding request from grain farmers on both sides of the border.

"Canadian grain growers, and any Canadian who relies on trade with our closest partners, needs tariff-free access as soon as possible," says Nielsen. "If we don't join the USA and Mexico in ratifying CUSMA, growth opportunities with our largest trading partners will be stunted."

Canada is the only country in the pact that has not yet passed legislation to ratify CUSMA.

The Bloc Quebecois and NDP have signalled that they're in no rush to finalize the new trade deal.

The Conservatives say they don't want to play games with the legislation, but want to study what impacts it will have and how the government will mitigate them.