Whether you're going trick-or-treating or gathering with friends to celebrate, the Cochrane RCMP encourage everyone to enjoy the day safely. 

Cst. Nathan Moore said motorists are asked to slow down, be observant, and always be prepared to stop for trick-or-treaters.

"I think the big thing is speed. When you're driving around town and you see the little ones crossing the street, because they're unpredictable, of course you want to make sure you're going slow enough that you see them crossing."

When approaching driveways and intersections, ensure that you enter and exit them with caution, maintaining a slow speed to prioritize safety.

Wait until a parent has inspected the candy before consuming it. If the packaging is already open, discard it. If you suspect any tampering or irregularities, contact the RCMP.

"Definitely inspect the child's candy before they eat them. And of course check for visible markings, if the package is still full of air then that's awesome but if it's not, you never know if something has been poked in there." said Cst. Clayton Gelinas. 

When picking out your Halloween costume, keep safety in mind. 

Make sure your costume fits well to avoid tripping. Opt for face paint instead of a mask if it doesn't obstruct your vision.

Gelinas suggests attaching reflective tape to your child's costume to be more visible.

According to the police, bringing a flashlight while out trick-or-treating is an excellent way to enhance safety.

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