The fifth annual Empty Bowls Fundraiser raised $3000 dollars for the Cochrane Activettes Foodbank.

150 of the 200 handmade bowls from Saffron Collective Studios were sold, and filled with food from local vendors.

Helen Parnell, President of the Cochrane Activettes says the money raised will have many different uses.

"The food bank has tried to provide gift cards to buy fresh produce," she explains. "The money will be used to go into general funds for things like that."

Parnell shares the food bank is appreciative of summer fundraising events Cochranites organize on their own time, as donations tend to dip this time of year.

"The demand does not go down, the children need feeding even more. Suddenly the kids are off school, and they're in the pantry all day. There's a breakfast program at the school, but there's not one at home. The need is just as high, and what we find the donations actually go down, because those that would donate go out of town."