The Canadian Grain Commission reminding producers to contact their office immediately if they are owed any money from the three pulse and specialty crop companies that recently had their license suspended.

Licenses for Canpulse Foods Ltd., Global Grain Canada Ltd., and their parent company Globeways Canada Inc were temporarily suspended as of October 31st.

Canpulse Foods has a primary facility in Kindersley, while it's other three Saskatchewan locations were sold off last year.

Global Grain Canada holds a primary license for a facility in Plum Coulee, Manitoba that handles mainly dry beans.

The C-G-C's Remi Gosselin says the reason the licence was suspended is because there was no longer security in place, noting that the company's security provider contacted the C-G-C about the termination.

He says the three companies have 30 days as of October 30th to obtain alternate security coverage.

In the meantime, the Canadian Grain Commission has started a process to determine liability, auditors are working with the companies elevators to find out what's outstanding and what's owed to producers.

Producers who are owed money by the three companies only have 30 days to make claims to the Canadian Grain Commission for outstanding payments.

Gosselin reminds producers who want to reduce their risk of not being paid to ask for payment on delivery and to cash cheques or electronic payments immediately.