Federal Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau is very happy with the progress that was made during last week's Federal, Provincial and Territorial Agriculture Ministers meeting.

The Province's agreeing to parts of Ottawa's proposal from November, which will see AgriStability's Reference Margin Limit removed and a decision to make it retroactive to 2020.

Bibeau says she is disappointed that they could not reach an agreement on increasing AgriStabilitys compensation rate to 80%.

The Province's and the agriculture sector are calling on Ottawa to leave it's 60% share of the proposed increase on the table, so Province's can top it up if they are able too.

Bibeau notes that's not how the program works and all provinces originally agreed to it.

"The rule is if we want to make a change, we have to contribute the federal 60%, the provinces 40%, and we have to reach a consensus of at least two thirds of the provinces in terms of participation as well."

Another key change the province's did agree to was extending the AgriStability sign up deadline to June 30th.