The Girl Guides of Canada has come to terms with the Town of Cochrane for a water licence sharing agreement, which is now going through a regulatory process.

The town has issued a public notice for the transfer of the use of 4.4 million cubic metres of water from the Girl Guides of Canada to the town. Its wording follows specific directions laid out in the Water Act's water allocations transfer process. If successful, it will be redesignated for municipal use from its current status of recreational use.

The Girls Guides hold a water licence for their Camp Jubilee, located on 84 acres of pristine land along the Bow River within the town limits.

On Oct. 10, a 30-day window opened to submit statements of concerns over the application. 

A decision is expected in the New Year.

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The town has been in search of additional water licences to meet the needs of its booming population.

Earlier this year, it was determined Cochrane was within 6,000 people of tapping out its current water licence capacity.

Town council has gone in-camera on several occasions for discussions around its water licencing strategy.

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