Fireside residents are gearing up to fight a new development in their neighbourhood.

Points West Living is looking to build a senior care facility on the land by the Shell gas station, consisting of three buildings between five and six stories tall.

The development will back on to those living on Fireside Place's property, says Christina MacLean, a Fireside resident. MacLean feels duped by the developer and home builder.

"We were completely blindsided by it," she says. "When we moved in here the realtors, and the representatives from our builder told us that it was just going to be maybe a couple stories of small commercial businesses. We were never even formally notified that these buildings were going to be put there until we heard word of mouth from some other neighbours."

MacLean explains there are many negative implications that could come about if the building is six stories; property value could decrease, and she may have a hard time selling her house. Privacy is also an issue, and in the winter months her house will be in perpetual shade, greenery in the yard will also be hard to maintain in the summer months.

"We weren't expecting to have four stories above our two storey home that will have an easy view of our backyard, and through our windows. We've seen the sun/shade studies, the shade will cross our homes for part of the year, across the street, and cover the homes across the street from us, especially during the winter."

MacLean and a few of her neighbours will be trying to organize a meeting between residents, to make sure everybody's concerns are gathered before she presents at an appeal meeting on June 20 at 6 pm.

She explains getting the word out to not just residents of Fireside, but the entire town is important.

"People that I've spoken to that live elsewhere in the town haven't heard about this at all, and have been startled by the news...nobody expects a six storey building in Cochrane."

MacLean is asking for support from her neighbours, she would appreciate if other concerned residents joined her at the hearing.

"I've been told if nobody shows up that makes it look really bad for the residents."

MacLean adds she is not trying to be difficult, and the original four storey proposed building was manageable.

"I'm not going to be completely ridiculous and expect nothing to be constructed behind my house for the rest of the time I live here, but it would be nice if we could work together as neighbours instead of fighting against each other."

Two meetings for Fireside Residents to prepare an argument are planned:

Wed. June 8, 5:15-7pm, and Sat. June 11 1-3pm, in the Community Room at Cochrane Toyota.