This upcoming NHL season will be a throwback to the good-old-days of hockey before terms like "quarantine", "toilet paper hoarders" and "the new normal" became, well, the new normal.

The Calgary Flames are one of the 31 teams who will be sporting retro jerseys for the upcoming season. In October the league and the NHL Players’ Association announced they are targeting Jan. 1 for the start of the 2020-21 regular season.

That has the flames going back to their black and red Blasty jerseys last seen in 2006. It features a horse with flames coming out of its nose.

The retro jerseys are garnering some mixed reaction from fans, but still, many can't help but look back with a bit of nostalgia considering the current state of affairs.

Like it or not, the Adidas Reverse Retro jerseys will be available for purchase starting in December.