The People's Party of Canada Candidate (PPC) here in the Foothills says they recognize agriculture is critically important to Canadians.

Greg Hession says they want to create a level playing field for everyone in the agriculture industry by phasing out supply management.

Hession says the Party strongly believes the best way to run an economy is in a free market, and if elected, they'll phase out the system over a five year period.

"Those effected will be compensated for lost value on their quotas. What this will allow effected farms to do is to open up their markets internationally."

Hession says he's spoken with larger producers under the supply management system, and they don't agree with the Party's plan.

He says he understands it's a scary transition with the amount of capital on the line, but believes if producers look at the broader picture of markets which will be available to them outside of Canada, along with compensation, they'll see there's another option.

Hession says, eliminating the carbon tax is another way the PPC will help the agriculture sector, where they'll also increase accelerated capital cost allowances.

"Corporations that want to make investments for new equipment that are modernized and more efficient, will be able to do that and write those assets off in the period of one year."

He says they'll drop the corporate income rate from 15 to 10 per cent as well, which will benefit any corporate agriculture outfit.

Hession says, other areas of interest for farmers is their plan to replace the Firearms Act with new legislation where gun owners have a lifetime certificate, meaning they don't have to renew them.


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