There is really no excuse for Cochrane kids to say "I'm bored" over the next several months. 

The Cochrane Public Library is out with the Fall 2023 Program Guide and it is jam-packed with activities for kids of all ages, all the way up to seniors. 

Program and Engagement Manager, Carmen Erison said they've created a brand new program called "What's your Story" where they will host special guests each week. 

"We're going to have an Olympian coming into the Library, we're going to have a veteran, we're going to have a farmer, we have somebody coming to talk dental care for kids. This program is specifically designed so that people who come into the library can learn a little bit about a different person or an organization and also just build a story time around that." 

The library is still offering other popular early literacy programs including Movers and Shakers, Baby Laptime and Story Time. 

Erison said there's a couple of upcoming events that she's particularly excited about. 

Coming up on Sept. 22, they're going to host the Calgary Centre of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada for A Night With the Stars. 

"We're going to have a giant planetarium blown up inside the library as well as telescope viewing outside the library. We're going to have speakers to be able to talk about the night sky and activities for kids."  

Then in October, Cochranites will have the chance to hear from Titanic historian Larry Robinson for Reservation on the Titanic

"He has a wide collection of Titanic memorabilia, everything from a replica of the clock as well as replicas of all of the dishes from all of the classes." 

It is set to go on Oct. 14. 


Some of the upcoming programs are drop in, but some do require pre-registration. 

You can learn more about the programs HERE. 

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