The Cochrane Curling Club proved once again why their annual ladies bonspiel is a popular destination for curlers.

The 32-team sold-out event continues to offer a perfect blend of curling and fun for participants.

"I think it went spectacularly," says Guidel Ziegler, one of the organizers. "Everybody seemed to be having a wonderful time, and there was some amazing curling. Yeah, it was great."

With 32 teams, the schedule was tight, but they did make sure to set aside a little time for teams to flaunt their creative take on this year's theme of travel.

"We had some wonderful ones. We had the Jacques Cousteau team that was quite clever, and then there were some tacky tourists, and there were some Hawaiians. It was really good."

Barb Gibson praised the crew at the curling centre, their bonspiel sponsors and ladies' teams for their donations to the silent auction, and their many amazing volunteers.

"So much fun was had," says Gibson. "Great curling and friendship were shared by all. We hope you had as much fun as it was for us to put it on for all of you."

Photos of the winning teams follow.

A event winner'A' event winner: Team Puzzie
Melanie Puzzie, Becky Moncur, Laura Hamm, Karen Dobler, Marina MacLeod


B event'A' event runners-up: Team McNamee
Kaylee McNamee, Kelsie Cygan, Rebecca Fredette, Sarah Guina
B event winner'B' Winners: Team Masse
Nyree Masse, Cinthia Zeer, Nikki Smith, Cindy Mintenko-Blackman
B runner up'B' event runners-up: Team Buxton
Kelly Buxton, Susan Bannister, Karen Bennett, Charlene Jeffery
C winners'C' event winners: Team Stretch
Rebecca Stretch, Hayley Furst,Kimberly Richard, Leanne Juneau
C runnersup'C' event runners-up: Team Coupland
Debora Coupland, Denise Lister, Diane Templeton, Jackie Bently