Owls are stoic creatures, and, if you believe the Harry Potter movies and other Hollywood portrayals of them, are also very wise. 

Despite their reputation of wisdom, owls can sometimes do something quite that's not so wise: get in the way of cars.  In the past month alone, the Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation (AIWC) has admitted 12 owls to their wildlife hospital north of Cochrane.  Most of them have suffered head trauma and other injuries with the most common reason for their intake being struck by a car. 

While spring and summer are the busiest times at the wildlife hospital, they are kept running year-round with winter being a common time for owl admissions.  Most species of owls don't migrate in the winter, instead, they choose to stay in Alberta year-round. This includes the provincial bird of Alberta, the great horned owl.

It can cost well over $1,000 to care for an individual animal in need with the majority of animals admitted to AIWC being there as a result of human conflict in some way – hit by a car, a window strike, a cat or dog attack or other human-related incidents.

This holiday season, AIWC is asking Albertans to support wildlife in need and include the hospital, located at Madden, as part of their Christmas giving in whatever way they can.  AIWC has an active campaign to raise $85,000 by December 31st with all the money going to support the organization’s mission.

The Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation has been a champion for the rehabilitation of injured and orphaned wildlife since 1993 and is accredited through the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association and serves the needs of Alberta’s diverse wildlife in Calgary and southern Alberta.

You can go to https://www.aiwc.ca/ to give the gift of saving wildlife this holiday season.