Did you know that Giving Tuesday is a nationally recognized day of giving. It was created to counter-act the frenzied spending of Black Friday and to recognize the beginning of the holiday season. The Glenbow Ranch Park Foundation has been participating in Giving Tuesday for a number of years and has benefited from the charitable donations of Giving Tuesday. 

This year the donations from Giving Tuesday which is on December 3, and are donated to the Glenbow Ranch Park Foundation will go towards vegetation management specifically, invasive species control. 

Sarah Parker who is with the Glenbow Ranch Park Foundations explains that,

"Invasive species control basically stops all the bad plants that are coming in and choking out the wildlife and the native species in our park." Your donations made on Giving Tuesday, December 3  will help to preserve Glenbow Provincial Park which "protects some of the last true grasslands left in Alberta."  

For more information on Glenbow Ranch Park Foundation, and the Giving Tuesday donation drive, go to grpf.ca.