Once a month those suffering from loss will be able to come together for support.

Jerry Peddle, the group’s organizer says the non-denominational group will be open to everyone.

“There’s many different types of grief. When we think about grief we think of losing somebody, but any type of loss can cause a person to grieve.”

Peddle adds grief can be triggered by a variety of circumstance.

“Whether it’s divorce, moving to a new location so you are losing your family and friends, loss of jobs which is really important right now in Alberta. Throughout everyone’s life they will experience grief."

The group will offer a safe place for attendees to come and meet with other’s who are experiencing the same feelings and on a similar path to recovery.

“Because the group is not ran by a professional facilitator the facilitators I think will have a lot of credibility because they are walking along the same journey. They have experienced grief themselves and we can hopefully talk about how to deal with how you are doing.”

The group will most likely include formal instruction as well as providing open sharing time, comments Peddle.

“One group that I was with in Wainwright Alberta we would start each get together with a look at a work book and we would look at something formal and then it would naturally progress into just everybody chatting about where they were at in their lives, and how they were doing, things that work and things that don’t work.”

Peddle will provide additional resources for those in need but says the real bonus is meeting others who truly understand.

“After awhile people who aren’t experiencing grief the way that you are, they don’t understand why you aren’t getting on with your life. Everyone walks through the journey that is grief in their own way.”

The group will be meeting once a month at the Cochrane Legion beginning June 6 at 7 pm.